kira has tagged us with a delightful food survey. our answers are below:

one thing i don't like
juliet: mayonnaise.
rhan: chicken.

three of my favorite foods
juliet: a bowl of ramen noodles, a crisp fuji apple, and a loaf of crusty bread.
rhan: cabbage and pasta with black pepper, the little japanese shrimp sandwiches i get at chabuya tokyo noodle bar on sawtelle, and juliet's egg burrito.

my favorite recipe
juliet: does this mean a recipe i can or do make? because in that case the list is woefully short. i suppose i would have to say an egg burrito. i make a mean egg burrito. ask rhan.
rhan: potato soup with paprika rantash.

my drink
juliet: tanqueray and tonic, lime preferred.
rhan: belvedere martini on the rocks with a twist.

the dish i wish i could cook
juliet: cioppino. ice cream. or perhaps a croissant.
rhan: persian rice with its crusty shell.

my best food memory

juliet: eating noodles at the noodle bar in tokyo; my sister and i ordering them "oily" simply because we were delighted that "oily" was an option. also, coming home from school in the ninth grade and eating croissant after croissant smothered in chunky peanut butter and never paying for it. the memory of a high metabolism.

rhan: the first time juliet visited me in los angeles, we went to dupar's for breakfast. she was famished and ate an omelet and toast with coffee and a large orange juice and a gigantic chocolate cake was delightfully cute!

feel free to leave your answers in the comments!