we spent all day yesterday riding roller coasters.
our two favorites were tatsu, a roller coaster that gives the rider the sensation of flight, and X2, a ride with seats that swivel 360 degrees and an initial drop done backwards. they are both elegant rides, but different; if X2 is gene kelly, then tatsu is most certainly fred astaire.

roller coasters are getting to the place now where the marvel of their engineering leaves almost as strong an impression as the thrill of riding them. i got home last night obsessed with the question, where will roller coasters go next? google couldn't find me the answer, so i guess i'll just have to wait.

magic mountain is a pretty obnoxious theme park, what with its overpriced crap and terrible music playing everywhere. but we had so much fun. there is this moment on tatsu--a great, sweeping turn of the track that sends you plummeting face first towards the ground like a falling bird--that i could still feel when i closed my eyes in bed last night. there's something very beautiful about that.