today juliet and i go to to magic mountain to ride roller coasters. last night we watched some bjork videos. we still love her so much!

i have been on a roll lately, freely writing music. last week i wrote a song called paper affections. it's a good song, but it's an odd one, because the lyrics shocked and embarassed me. i totally let my ego run wild in the narrative and character of the voice. the words poured out and fit perfectly with the music. i don't know what i will do with paper affections. it makes me feel very strange that i had allowed my fears and ugliness to be so revealed in my work. i have always tried to keep my illusions and paranoia at bay. still, i like the song and i think that it is somewhat of a turning point as a composer and an artist. it's very strange.

yesterday was such a good day. we accomplished errands. we hung a picture that had been leaning against the wall for too long. juliet discovered and showed me how to fold a t-shirt in two seconds. i swooned at this demonstration because it was like one of those significant moments where i saw her so clearly. it is going to stay in my heart and mind forever, i think!

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