“all paths are the same, leading nowhere. therefore, pick a path with heart!”

last night, juliet & i had tickets to go see boredoms on their stop through LA.

we did our usual “do you want to stay home or go out?" dance.

in most cases, it doesn't matter to us if we buy tickets in advance--we are just as likely to go or not go. this is part of our romantic life and most of the time whatever decision we make, to go or not go, is always the right one. the shows that we have blown off would make some folks cringe….

last night we decided to GO, and it was most certainly the right choice.

i can only say that if this band ever comes pounding through your fair hometown, GO, GO, GO!!!!

boredoms are an experience in performance.

3 drum kits make 3 fifths of a circle.

one of those drummers is the fantastic yoshimi p-we of OOIOO (a whole other post can be devoted to that group at another time!).

yamantaka eye (or eYe, or EyE, or DJ Pica Pica Pica) and the guitar sculpture tower technician, who has potentially the most dangerous job on stage dodging the sticks of Eye, constantly keeping the sculpture in working power, and rounding out the oceans of sound that this collective generate.

part gargantuan rock, part shamanistic ritual, part transcendent castaneda revelation, boredoms push past genres & restraint, much like a 2 hour swimming session in the surf after a storm, with wave upon wave crashing down on you, filling your heart with life-affirming nausea and exhilaration.

that nausea element is interesting because starting with the wait for the band to walk on, juliet started to feel a little dizzy and nauseous. after the show, she said that she felt like the queasiness was in some ways appropriate in the face such a physical sound.

i am so thankful that juliet and i experienced this night together!