in brief: music hypotheticals

sometimes i like to pose hypotheticals to rhan about my taste in things, to suppose out loud what if my preferences were different and how would he feel? i try to propose choices at varying distances from my actual taste; it's a way of sorting out the nuances and stretching his thinking. i reason that this is a marriage, and as such its limits must be routinely tested with difficult and retarded questions. what?
anyhow, below are some recent "what if this was my favorite ____?" questions and rhan's responses:

the album sports by huey lewis and the news
"that would be pretty rough."

recording artist seal
"ugh. he is awful. i don't know."

save the best for last by vanessa williams
"i don't know that song. hey, the other day..." (launches into unrelated anecdote)

recording artist peter gabriel
"ugh. (pause) ugh."

it's good to feel these things out.