boredoms show last night

eight thoughts i had while seeing boredoms at the music box last night:

I. this is one of the loudest and most relentless concerts i have ever been to
II. man, they're tightly orchestrated and disciplined players--japanese-style!
III. yoshimi makes me want to wear my hair down and move my arms real fast
IV: i think i'm going to throw up
V. this band makes me feel lazy
VI. this is dance music, at least in the way that hypnotic, tribal pounding is dance music. the crowd is hopping!
VII. boredoms are quite possibly the best band that ever was
VIII. (upon leaving) this is in my head now but it's not boredoms:

there's also this clip of an old interview with boredoms translated into german:

i don't read german but it gives you an idea of what they're like,
which is awesome and loud and adorable, too.
it was an amazing show. i'm now officially a fan.