"Pepi, Luci, Bom… is a film full of defects. When a film has only one or two, it is considered an imperfect film, while when there is a profusion of technical flaws, it is called style. That’s what I said joking around when I was promoting the film, but I believe that that was closer to the truth." (Pedro Almodovar)

i am inclined to apply the same principle to my shoddy photographs of the television screen: messy, off-angled, naive on purpose. i couldn't figure out how to edit the reflection of the bookcase out of her hair. it looks as if the image is trapped behind a screen door. also, we could only manage to find the vhs, which was crappy quality already. but that's all style, not imperfection. take it from pedro. take it and run with it. apply it to everything. i am rife with "technical flaws" just waiting to be redeemed by this thinking.

this movie is: intelligent, risky, funny, perverse, messy, colorful, lively--very promising in terms of my almodovar festival this month. i'm moving in as complete and chronolgical an order as i can manage, which is very exciting to me--the first time i've ever tackled one filmmaker's work in such an organized manner. i'm getting better at this!