blue photos of berlin from aaron rose.

ignore doom. keep working to find a door - a window - a place. this is what juliet calls the good fight. i'm shaky at first. i step lightly out the front and then hit the sidewalk hard with my feet.
everyday is a new possibility. i wonder if i'm missing. i wonder daily if i'm gone. i look over the last few days of my project book. the handwriting - the bent pages - the messiness says more than the words themselves.

i sometimes miss the grey days cold, but that's not where i live. the light here is bright and if you ever visit los angeles make sure to come now - january and february are the most beautiful days here. los angeles in fact does have its seasons. you go for a few days and suddenly realize why so many came here originally. it's clear and warm during the day but not too warm, chilly at night. the perfection of the weather is illustrated with either a stylish jacket worn for several days in a row, or in half naked newcomers that flit effortlessy happy to be in a place so mild from the dead of winter to the clear shot of the house on the hill.