happy first of the month.

juliet celebrates each first of the month with a clean slate, a start of a new place, a new thought. each month is a cycle of days weeks and hours. the month ends like in a funnel. the remaining hours pass quickly through. what did we do last month? what will we do this month? how is it different than the days before the end of the last month?

personally, this feels like one of those big months. 28 days, full of promises to be met. things to do, oh things to do, will i do all the things to do. those that need taking care of, those i simply want to do.

february is a short cropped month. it’s fast and if we are not careful it will slide right past us while we watch our favorite shows, read our friends’ posts, work sleep love work sleep love work sleep love one another.

february is a valentine at the speed of light.

things i am planning to do in february in no particular order:
- produce at least 2 collections of songs with two separate groups of collaborators.
- work with j s e on the graphics and packaging for both collections.
- construct the next touch touch publishing mix with j s e
- dismiss my guilt by starting and this time finishing paul auster’s “leviathan.”
- run at least 3 times a week.
- make juliet realize that she is the most loved and cherished girl in los angeles or the world for that matter.
- make more home cooked meals
- save money
- ignore doom
- help the owner of the company where i work to completely change his brand to meet the economic challenges of the months to follow
- film and produce at least one touch touch publishing short movie
- begin our in depth look at the work of pedro almodovar
- continue capturing the passing moments of our life in photographs and and field recordings.