the first of the month: march 2008 *

FOOD: rhan bought a box of girl scout thin mints last week. i enjoy thin mints (especially cold) but became less excited about them when i realized that your keebler grasshopper tastes almost identical and is available all year round. that's not the kind of thing i like to say out loud, however, because it brings up too much about life that disappoints me.

RELUCTANT DISCOVERY: that the barnes & noble at the grove (the disneyland of shopping malls) has more extensive art and magazine sections than the smaller independent bookstores i'd rather (and more often do) patronize. my only response to this is to buy things from barnes & noble, take them in my fist, and then shake that fist at the store from the outside.

WANT: things i have learned in my life so far by stefan sagmeister.
the inside is composed of several smaller booklets, all of which look beautiful.

beach house on the 13th, boredoms on the 16th, jens lekman and little teeth on the 21st (we have to make a choice!)
skipped: the magnetic fields, which would have been tonight.

WORST RECENT MOVIE SEEN TO COMPLETION (FINALLY): juno, because i've never heard dialogue so lousy with its own preciousness,
and i say this as a staunch and admitted fan of the gilmore girls.

(an important aside to the above being the worst recent movie not seen to completion, which was be kind rewind, which sucked my balls.)

these first few days of march have been marked by a tremendous urge to get out of los angeles. we've been speculating on craigslist, looking at different cities, but until our money turns around we're staying put.
there's a place for us, somewhere a place for us...

* sorry this is two days late.