something happened wednesday, didn’t it? i know that i felt something and yet i feel like i nodded out. i went inward. it makes me want to say nothing and frown a little as i look out of the corners of my eyes - side to side.

there was weather in the air. i am trying to remember wednesday and it is very hard to get a clear image of it. was that the day that daschle withdrew and resigned? no, that was tuesday. wednesday was the fallout from that. the feeling of trepidation and doubt. i know that i worked. but it slipped by and into thursday and confused my comprehension of an actual day.

i am in the middle of a mystery. i overlook clues. i look past the moment and lo and behold it’s saturday. i think part of it had to do with a local bartender’s misunderstanding of how to make a martini on the rocks with a twist by pouring straight vodka into a glass highball full of ice with a twist of lemon and me exploiting said misunderstanding by ordering a second round. but wait that happened on thursday.

wednesday, oh yeah, de kooning was erased again by rauschenberg.