despite my suspicions to the contrary.

at least i don't have kids, hoo-ray

a sustained, romantic relationship will slow the pace of my life--this has always been true, and is even truer now that i am married--but when i think about it my life was never moving much faster, even when i was alone.

then what happened?

a woman i work with remarks that when people ask you about your life, what they’re really looking for is to be entertained, the same way they look to entertainment to entertain them, which is an awfully tall order, actually. she tells me that 2008, for her personally, was full of small improvements, privately meaningful but amounting to nothing much in the way of a good story. so i may worry that i have very little to report, but that doesn’t mean i haven’t done anything.
it just means i haven’t done anything i'm ready to tell anyone about.