(1) i was born in los angeles, california, lived in glendale until the fifth grade, and attended schools in arizona until i was 23. i'm back in los angeles as an adult and wondering if i might attend schools here, too.
(2) when i was younger i would practice splitting a deck of cards exactly in half by feel. i got pretty good at it. it's not that hard.

(3) every time i see the word "misled," i read it to myself at first as miss-eld and wonder what that word means. and then i think, oh, that's right. misled.
(4) i very rarely get headaches and have never had a migraine. jinx?

(5) i was on the varsity badminton team in high school. it was the one time in my life where i was demonstrably, aggressively competitive.
(6) my goal is to be thoroughly film-educated by the time i'm 35. i'm not sure how i define "thoroughly film-educated," but i think i'll know when i get there.
(7) i really, really love to sleep. pillows! sheets! blankets!

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many thanks to brita for the invitation!