still from found film flashes, 1973

attended an la filmforum screening of work by coleen fitzgibbon, an experimental filmmaker working since the 1970's. have you heard of her?
i hadn't before last night.

still from internal systems, 1975

they showed four of her early films. the headiest of the bunch: internal systems, which consists entirely of a blank screen shifting gradually from light to dark, dark to light. it runs 45 minutes. i found myself absorbed in other thoughts, unrelated to the image; next to me i heard a man's breathing grow regular; he had fallen asleep. appropriate responses both.

a perfect end to a great sunday. counterpoint to the subtlety of internal systems:

kimono my house, sparks, 1974, finally secured at amoeba yesterday. this album is 34 years old! sparks will be playing this and another album in their entirety at royce hall, february 14, 2009. will rhan and juliet spend their valentine's with sparks? there's a heavy lean towards yes.