these days i am trying to grab hold of those things that
mean something to me. i try and relate. it is though i am looking
for symbols. and signs. touchstones and seconds of light.

charlotte perriand
marched up to le corbusier and handed him her business card.

he looked at her drawings and famously said,
"we don't embroider cushions here."

later she had the confidence to invite him to see her installation
at the salon d’autumne.

he hired her.

she designed the b306 chaise lounge. she was photographed reclining in this chaise. it is a very mysterious photo. i assume that the photo was for an advertisement, but it is unforgettable due to the effect of her recline, her clothes, the shadows and her face turned towards the wall. it speaks volumes of ...something.

photos from here and here.