26 october 1927. wednesday, paris
in the tournoi championnat du paris (15.10.1927)
duchamp plays one of his opponents at 90 rue de mathurins,
and roché comes to watch.

26 october 1947. sunday, new york city
after finishing his chess game with kiesler at one in the morning,
marcel returns to dine at 56 seventh avenue.

26 october 1950. thursday, paris
at four o’clock in the afternoon, roché calls at 14 rue halle.
with denise’s help, marcel has made a list (of mary reynold’s library?)
and he invites roche to choose some books not included in those
to be transported to chicago.

in the evening they meet jean suquet (25.12.1949) for dinner
at mouton-duvernet. while entertaining suquet,
duchamp treats himself to a dish of frog’s legs in spite of roché pulling faces.

from marcel duchamp, work and life: ephemerides on and about
marcel duchamp and rrose selavy, 1887-1968.

photo by denise bellon screen captured from remembrance of things to come
chris marker and yannick bellon