vanessa has tagged juliet and me for the "fourth of fourth" blog assignment.
the idea is that you go into the fourth folder
of your photo files and pick the fourth photo from that folder.

and so it goes that this is the fourth photo of my fourth folder:
ironic because it is actually a screen capture from
agnes varda’s short film, du côté de la côte (1958),
that i shot off of our television for a post on this very blog
which, again, is ironic because vanessa, kindly,
was the sole commenter for that post -which was a somewhat personal view on happiness.

thank you, miss rose eater!

now to continue on with this investigation,
i tag:
the happy cali & jenna from teenage teardrops,
the lovely and delightful, kira of flame like me,
the good listener - joanne from hello its me
and who does not like cake of now voyager!