i've signed us up for basic cable, a first for me in over two years. i'm curious about what this will mean for my free time. the cable guy arrives tomorrow between 9 and noon. the fact that i called today and secured an installation for tomorrow makes me feel unusually powerful. it's all at my fingertips. the feeling is kind of gross.

lately i think of almost nothing but movies. i'm doing well this month. i got a raise at work. the cat caught the same bird twice yesterday, though it will go down in the books as two birds. we help his ego where we can. also, i've had a number of dreams with celebrities in them lately--wallace shawn in front of our apartment building and jennifer aniston in a deleted scene from friends with money. my best friend is moving to los angeles soon. i look at all the buildings everywhere i go; i keep thinking about where she's going to live.

it has been an exceptionally nice month. the days are getting shorter, too.