henri langlois, cinémathèque française

iris barry, museum of modern art, new york

jerry harvey, z channel

hadrian belove, cinefamily

what does it take to be a great film programmer? if langlois and harvey are any indication, it takes an obsession that borders on madness. langlois started out storing films in his bathtub; he died surrounded by thousands of prints, penniless, hunched over from exhaustion. the end of jerry harvey's story is grislier, though his life was spent in much the same way: he devoted every waking hour to the pursuit of good movies. iris barry was a champion of cinema and the first curator of the film program at the museum of modern art. and hadrian belove is at it as we speak, bringing los angeles fascinating and hard-to-find movies every night of the week at cinefamily.

maybe if i took five, ten years to educate myself...
how does one get this fabulous job?