i woke up at seven this morning. made myself a bowl of coffee. read from a book a little while. stared out the window and felt a sense of low washing over me like a morning fog.

juliet woke up and walked around in this weather for a bit and realized, fast, that it was coming from me and not the outside. she tried to dance away the fog but it was real thick, so i left for work, hopefully taking the clouds with me.

at work, as soon as the other guys arrived- around 11:30, i told them that i was going home. i could not be there today. i wanted to see juliet, desperately. i needed to hear her voice. when i got home, she spoke in perfect quotes- little post it notes, saying exactly what i needed to hear.

one of the quotes, she told me in a smart and confident voice-

"love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking together in the same direction." –antoine de saint-exupĂ©ry, from wind, sand, and stars

i can feel the fog lifting.