this is a still from film by samuel beckett (1965), a mostly silent movie about a man (object) who throughout tries to avoid contact with the all perceiving -camera- eye (the eye). it is directed by alan schneider with help from the watchful but detached eyes of samuel beckett himself. it stars buster keaton.

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be sure to read alan schnieder’s fascinating notes on directing film by samuel beckett: here.

buster keaton was beckett's offhanded, cool suggestion for the lead role after jackie macgowran, a veteran stage actor and their first choice, had to back out due to a scheduling conflict.

a related note:
it has been suggested that the inspiration for waiting for godot might have come from a buster keaton film called the lovable cheat in which keaton plays a man who waits endlessly for the return of his partner - whose name, interestingly enough, is godot.

beckett, it seems, was a huge fan of keaton’s and even offered him a role in an early production of “godot.” buster turned that one down.

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