j s e watching a "six feet under" episode.

like so many people, i wish that there was a way to film exactly what i see in the moment.
i'm really fond of uta barth's work, because so much of it is photographed in the front room of her place.
i try to keep the cameras ready to grab these things, quick. these small things of life. the ones that sort of stop you dead in your tracks.
the light on this day was beautiful. i was photographing it on the walls of our apartment, very barth-like compositions. i suppose the photos i took that day were a bit too much like ms. barth, but then i look over into j s e's office and i see her sitting, satisfied in a television bliss and there it was, oh.
i think many people do the same thing. you want to preserve things. moments in your hands. things that you love. some treasure, some representation of the heart, captured with eyes (and camera), unadorned. i am so fortunate to live in this beautiful apartment with two beautiful beings, our cat, jack boots (very difficult capture on camera) and juliet (very easy on the eyes).

listen, if you like, to a song by the group lali puna called "small things."
this version of the song is from a mix that i constructed for a gift store.
the lyrics are really simple and to the point of all this:

big mistakes
biggest hurt
my whole past behind glass
great divide
great deceit
the whole past on my mind
remember the small things
you say: remember the small things.

photograph by uta barth