it is the responsibility of the person who used the dryer last to empty the lint trap for the next person. nobody should ever, while transferring their wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, find that the lint trap is still full from the previous load. this didn't happen to me today, but i always think it might so i'm prepared to be angry about it. also, i don't care what anybody says, the dark knight was a mess.

we get to put these drops in the cat's eye twice a day to fight the infection he picked up last week. i say "get to" because it's fun-doing. then i had this dream last night with jehovah's witnesses in it. in the dream, i woke up and they were just there, in the house, and i was mad at the girl witness because she had used my computer without asking me. do you know that jehovah's witnesses have rules about which blood products they can and cannot accept should they need blood for a transfusion or whatever? they're fucking nuts.**

i just read nathanael west; now i'm reading raymond chandler. i'm also sucked into the wondrous archives of this recording, a site that just reinforces my suspicion that i'm a step or three behind the trends of the internet. yesterday i had to google search to make sure sasha frere-jones wasn't the font guy (he isn't). in any event, i'm a little worried that everything i post right now will be a scattered mash of west, chandler, and this recording. which wouldn't be bad, actually.

you know who else is great? her. her, too. and him. just to name a few. and look, i have this painful whitehead underneath my nose. sometimes you'll wake up with an iffy pimple in the morning that will come to a head during the day, while you're at work, for instance. and then you have to balance your options, which are (a) leave it there for others to endure looking at until you get home later, or (b) slip off to the bathroom and take care of it, though that means coming back without the head suddenly and leaving it to your coworkers to think about what you just did in the bathroom. i don't like anybody to know that much about me. unless i'm telling them myself.

**maybe not all of them. maybe.