in those days--and even now--few frenchmen went to a university; a lycée education was considered sufficient for most careers, but it was all-important that the bac be passed. henri did not pass his. his brother georges says that henri did write his french literature dissertation (part one of the bac) but got a zero in it. he had, says georges, dared to compare molière (the subject of the dissertation) with charlie chaplin. so he came home and said to his father that since he got a zero in his best subject (french), there was no point in taking cram courses or going back for another year. he was poor in math, chemistry, and physics, so what would be the point? according to georges, his father gave in. henri's friend and colleague lotte eisner, however, says that he never even took the exam, because on the day it was scheduled he went to two double-feature film programs.

from a passion for films: henri langlois and the cinémathèque française by richard roud. totally riveting.

the world--and not just the cinephile portion of it--owes so much to this man.
i'll write more once i finish the book.