may started with a bang: mister lonely by harmony korine. its beauty determined my good movie mood for the rest of the month.

and then came agnes varda. i watched le bonheur for the first time and consumed as many extras and short films of hers as i could. she is one of the all-time greats.

took a strange detour with werner herzog's even dwarfs started small, a weird and violent film i won't soon forget.

got sad watching mayor of the sunset strip; got even sadder seeing rodney in a restaurant the next night.

barton fink and the greatness of john goodman. "i'll show you the life of the mind!"

found myself hijacked by the gilmore girls: season six, which, i must note, is way better than season seven is shaping up to be. lorelai marries christopher? yawn.

took a trip with alfred hitchcock in rope and then the trouble with harry, the latter being a bit silly for my taste. beautiful-looking movies both, however.

and then: the long goodbye and california split, two films directed by the late, great robert altman and starring the fabulous elliot gould. elliot gould's greatness cannot be overstated. a perfect end to an excellent month.