"john cassavetes was...perhaps...the greatest director of actors...in this history of cinema?"

an over-the-top statement from film critic annette insdorf in charles kiselyak’s
a constant forge: the life and art of john cassavetes.

insdorf's delivery of that line makes my eyes roll every time i see it.
i have, however, enjoyed taking this statement and running with it:

"jack boots
(our cat) is...perhaps...the greatest cat...in the history of cats?"
"this sandwich is...perhaps...the greatest sandwich...in the history of sandwiches?"

god bless you, annette insdorf, for both proving you can go too far, even with someone i love as much as john cassavetes, and for underscoring the problem endemic to most "making of" and "behind the scenes" docs out there.
it's too much, people, too much!