(1) there was this girl in the ninth grade whose favorite band was 311. on the date of the lead singer's birthday she brought a bunch of balloons to school. she carried them around with her all day long.

(2) the unpopular kid in my sister's grade in elementary school got in trouble once for stealing money from his parents. he got caught after bringing the money to school and handing it off to his classmates, offering them five dollars each if they'd be friends with him.

(2a) this same unpopular kid also got in trouble for swinging a pair of binoculars around wildly and accidently hitting another kid in the face. this happened in the school bathroom, i think.

(3) when i remember all the times my mom took my sister and i to water parks because we wanted to go--my mom, who to this day doesn't swim, and how awful, really, is it to watch other people at water parks--it makes me want to cry.

(4) my friend jamie from high school: her mom's favorite band was crowded house.

these stories have nothing to do with one another except that they occur to me a lot, and there's often no context in regular conversation for me to bring them up. i've tried, in regular conversation, but in those cases i have to shoehorn them in and by that point they fail to make the impression i think they could make,
if there was a context.

there's got to be an application for crap like this.