on not making it very far

the winner of our trip this weekend was hotel television.

to be fair, portland is a beautiful city. the weather was crisp and walkable, the buildings old, the trees plentiful and gorgeous. i was struck by the easy-going commuters and the old and spacious architecture of the place, and i left definitely understanding its appeal. for us, however, i'm not so sure. there were factors converging to make our particular trip as uneventful as it ended up being, not the least of which was overindulging at the hotel bar the second night and feeling so hungover the next day that staying in bed seemed like the best option. plus, the bed was really comfortable. and the tv remote had nice big buttons. and there's so much crap to watch.

somewhere between "no reservations with anthony bourdain" and the second half of an episode of "the gilmore girls"--the second half, i must note, of an episode whose first half i had already seen the afternoon of our arrival--rhan said, "we've sort of abandoned our trip, haven't we?" and it was true; we had abandoned it. i wasn't born with explorer blood in my veins, and i've learned through experience that i require vacations long enough to factor in hotel television time, or sleep-in time, or time to skip the seeing of sights. the problem with this trip was that it was too short to enjoy this sort of laying about without dull pangs of preemptive regret, the feeling that more adventurous people than us would be doing things and seeing things. but that's the way i am, and that's the way it went.

still, i count this trip as a success, if for no other reason than it confirmed the giddy and googly-eyed love i have for my husband. trips like these remind me that our marriage is still an affair, roaming and a little illicit, slowly finding its way home.
and if that affair includes occasional crap tv binges, all the better.
(aside: omg the gilmore girls omg.)

los angeles is warming up, and our apartment is relatively clean. our cat is ecstatic we're home to let him in and out of the building at his will, which we've been happily obliging (until it becomes annoying again). and i'm so happy to be near my computer.

i really am a tremendous homebody, aren't i?