the first of the month: april 2008

: orson welles on the dick cavett show. one of the most fascinating interviews i have ever seen involving two endlessly charming and kind-faced men. orson talks about his incredible childhood, describes his problem with jerry lewis, and presses dick cavett with hard and playful questions about his former acting career. great, great television.

ATTITUDE: optimism in the face of weariness, especially where my job and money are concerned. it has been a trying week at work already, and while the ensuing drama didn't involve me directly, it has had a pretty unwelcoming effect.
i am treading lightly and keeping my chin up. i'm pretty good at that.

: albert maysles is speaking at the hammer on the 10th.
the albert maysles, who along with his late brother is one of my favorite filmmakers of all time. will he show clips of the gates? i hope so. will i work up the nerve to ask him a question? probably not.

: to finally frame and hang our lovely godard poster.