in brief: that's me on the right

i've made an appointment to have my taxes done on thursday. this marks not only the first time i've enlisted a professional for the job but also the first time i've not done my taxes feverishly, and by myself, the night before they are due.

this is also the second day in a row that i've successfully resisted the urge to take a mid-morning nap before work. i've even been making the bed earlier as a fail-safe against the temptation to sleep, a temptation, it must be said, that haunts my every waking hour. how can i sleep? i have "so many things to do."

i take vitamins and do sit-ups sometimes. also, we just bought a new album and i listened to it all the way through two times without skipping to the tracks i already knew i liked.

and yesterday i had eggs for lunch, not cup o'noodles, and those eggs don't cook themselves, people.

i'm such a goddamned adult it's ridiculous.