help yourself help yourself

the importance of the obtainable goal
what do you think, you're going to be a doctor? you think you're going to be a lawyer? do you have any idea how much time is involved in becoming a professional? a decade of toil and bootlicking and then the job itself, which is unpleasant enough to transform even the most steadfast and honorable minds to putty and trash. have you ever sat down and talked with a doctor or a lawyer? they're terrible, and they'll take every opportunity to put you, that is the layman, down, and why? because while they were busy sucking the shit out of professor bigshot's rose-colored asshole you were living it up, drinking wine coolers in the bob's big boy parking lot in sherman oaks, idly rubbing the breasts of some nameless suburbanite porker and thinking about how strange it is that a television series with as depressing a theme song as M.A.S.H.'s managed such a lengthy, healthy run.

from help yourself help yourself by patrick dewitt, a great little book i recently purchased and more proof positive that i cannot leave this place without spending more money than i should. boy howdy.

(image captured from carson mell's intro for the book here.)