just-married people like to be alone

we saw it at the new beverly yesterday on our date night number two--the second in a series of dates leading up to valentine's day. ho.

it was my first nicholas ray film. like other movies of that kind and of that period, it was full of certain predictable elements--cliches, melodrama, weird names like keechie, bowie, chicamaw, t-dub, tensions between thieves and ill-fated young people. there were baffling aerial shots. there was bloodless violence. and then there was poor rhan sitting next to me, pinned in his seat for the duration between paper-crumpling man and nose-whistling, forward-leaning man.

also, someone farted audibly during the movie, which is worth noting.

all that said, there is something oddly contemporary and excellent about "they live by night," and i would recommend it highly. i have a great deal to learn about movies like this (and from movies like this), so it was a nice evening spent to finally see it.

while watching i had red vines and a cup of coffee. rhan had coffee and a clif bar. the new beverly has a remarkably cheap concession stand, which is just one of several good reasons to see a movie there. cheers, gratitude, and happy sunday to all.