the first of the month: february 2008

i have an enthusiastic, almost superstitious love for the firsts of all months; to my mind, they are small holidays worth celebrating and remarking upon. thus in honor of today's occasion, i present this list of things that are ushering my february in:

SONG: "japanese candy" by little teeth. i am looking forward to their full-length record and upcoming visit to los angeles.

HEROES: i've joined rhan in his love and admiration for john huston after watching an extras doc on "the treasure of the sierra madre" dvd. oh, to have a john huston-sized life, and with even a fraction of the style and bluster.

FOOD AND HABITAT: i am reintroducing home-cooked vegetables into my diet and tempering those vegetables with cookies. also, i am taking my coffee in these white ceramic bowls i purchased recently, which have, i am convinced, improved my morning experience by at least twelve percent. finally, i am deciding to always have fresh flowers in the house--one bunch on my desk, one in the bedroom.

RESOLUTIONS (or, "january was a bust"): read at least three books this month. take more photographs. watch at least two movies a week (not including movies in the theatre). return all phone calls and emails promptly. exercise a little at least.

(1) ATTAINABLE GOAL: that, or not letting this happen so much anymore.

oh yes, and one more thing:

today marks nine months of being married to rhan--nine full-to-bursting, sweet and exciting months of being a wife. happy anniversary.