friday night grab bag

rhan recently introduced me to the delicious vinta cracker, manufactured by the industrious people at dare foods. this would explain why each cracker says "DARE" on it, which without knowing seems baffling and a little self-important.
dare yourself, cracker. i eat you.

rare images of boots being good. lately our cat has developed a disconcerting routine in which he yells at the door to go outside and within moments yells at the outside door to come back in again. it's awful. to make matters worse, i received incontrovertible evidence last night that our downstairs neighbor, whom we have never actually spoken to but who has already complained to the landlord about us (jerk), is as sick of the meowing as we are. i won't be a bit surprised if we receive serious noise complaints in the coming weeks. dilemma!

when i'm not listening to the cat yelling, i've found great joy in mulatu astatqé, in particular this beautiful song called "tezeta." rhan says this song is like a breeze, which is an apt and beautiful way to describe it. i put "tezeta" on a mixtape for my coworker yesterday, and i hope she enjoys it as much as i do.
it is a welcome respite from the gray days outside.