Warehouse Tour of PriveCo, The World's Most Private Company**
It takes a top secret badge to get through this door.
That way you won't have to ask any embarrassing questions, and you can shop in private.
I handle customer service inquiries in the most private manner possible.
If you have to leave a voicemail, I'll send you an email, because it's the most private way.
That way, if anything "not so private" were to happen, you'll be covered.
Pretty private, huh?
I run the show out here, and I can tell you that gossip is not allowed.
If you wanna work here, you better learn to keep your mouth shut.
That's what I do to keep things private.
Our packages are shipped in discreet shipping boxes.
Return address discreetly says "From Your Friends at PriveCo."
Here's a PriveCo invention: it's called "Double Layer Privacy."
For a small fee, we ship your entire order in this black plastic, then ship it in a plain package.
It's like privacy insurance, in case someone wants to get nosy.
Here at PriveCo, we use extra-strong, tamper-proof tape.
You may need a knife to open it, but at least you'll be sure that no one has peeked into your box and that your personal information was kept safe.
I think you know what PriveCo is all about.