i am sad to hear that merce cunningham has passed away. i didn't hear about it until just now.
i learned about it from mary's unchanging window, which is something like a friend telling you something very sad. thank you for breaking it gently, mary.

though i have seen many films and television programs about merce, i never had the chance to see his company perform in person. i have always been fond of his speaking voice, his wit,
his charm and intelligence and i loved how he continued to dance until he could not anymore.
i think that he and john cage were fearless beings and changed art forever and for the better.

it's a little corny - but i hope that somewhere, merce and john are reunited and working together and noticing every little movement and every little sound.

oh i was a bit wrong headed last night and this morning -
- visiting friends this morning -
those over there in the list to the right -
and thinking about merce cunningham -

well it has set my head back right.

and juliet, thank you for being so full of light. i am so grateful
tonight we will eat healthy and live inspired.