this is what i'm thinking: that it might be the month to explore the music of prince, the films of antonioni, the films of george cukor, to finish play it as it lays, to write at least three times a week, to exercise daily, and to get a haircut.

lately all the creative ideas i have deal with the cat. breaking the news of mj's death to the cat, say, or telling the cat to "get real." i'd like to both stay in this place and develop beyond it, because the cat ideas satisfy me but repel cat haters, of which i seem to know many. i might have to realize these ideas just to get them out of my system.

i'm still a little obsessed by thoughts of what makes good comedy. i didn't like whatever works, though i'm still looking forward to the triumphant return of curb. i revisited good episodes of mystery science theater 3000 and received the entire songbook of seasons one and two of tim and eric as a birthday present. the awful truth was delightful. i'm still thinking: what are the things that make me laugh, and why? and have you guys heard this?

an indian man with long hair and bushy beard stopped me on the street last saturday to tell me, with grave seriousness, that i was a lucky person, that i had great light in my face, that something good is going to happen to me in july, that he studies human energy, that his name is baba and he is from india. boy, did this put a spring in my step, at least until rhan informed me these men walk the streets of beverly hills saying things like that to people, looking to solicit them for an "energy reading." even still, i am having lottery fantasies and thinking about playing my hand. i imagine an apartment in paris, some new shoes, all debts paid. come on, july.