i am having trouble recognizing if i am doing good work.
walking home from work has a strange disconnection.

i am disconnected to music right now. there is not much that i want to hear.
suggestions from other people come my direction and either miss me or fall flat.

everyone is so creative. they are busy. they leave the country. they report back on their travels. they make me feel like i have been there or like i went there with them. they especially like to make me feel or let me know how easy or hard their travels are and how they soon will be over or how they are so glad to be back and they are so tired.

sometimes we go bar-hopping. the bars are usually so densely packed and filled to capacity that sometimes we have to wait until 2 or 3 people are done drinking and leave so that we can go in and start drinking.

i am always afraid that when i am ready to leave that i am going to come out of the bar and see the same people that were standing behind me,
still in line, still waiting to come in.

its embarassing… for everyone

photos by marco garcia found here.