morning has broken

i wake up at 5:30a to a high pitched little voice squeaking near my face but from below.

- i say, shhhhhh, loudly and the owner of said little voice scampers away.

full of gasssss - needing to pee - i get up and stagger towards relief.

as i turn the corner, the little voice greets me, surprised,

- oh you’re up - hey - you should make yourself some coffee, big cat!

hey, uh, big cat, how bout some food?”

i sort of smirk and shut the bathroom door.

minutes later,

the second alarm is morning edition, 7:30a, which lately has been a strange greek chorus of failure and collapse. followed by the little voice saying,

“hey what was that sound? did it wake you up too? i was fast asleep here in your pants on the floor when i heard it - kinda startled me, big cat - so, uh, big cat, how bout some food?”

the little voice has more to say from the front room but i can’t hear exactly
because i am sneezing repeatedly - this fit requires kleenex and there is none to be had bed side - i slap the snooze and roll out of bed - stagger again towards relief.

minutes later

i fall back in bed to forget until the third alarm sounds at 8a

morning edition continues with tales of the recession / depression,
now the little voice shouts out in the hall,

“hungry” then “out”

the voice is no longer a little buddy co-conspirator.

the voice is now absolute, full of demand and its time to get up.