I WOKE UP THIS MORNING to the sound of distant cheering. it's the city marathon today, and a stretch of the route, down 6th street towards la brea in mid-town los angeles, is about thirty paces from our front door. spectators are yelling and holding signs ("run katy, we want beer" or "i have met my hero, and he is me"), being generally encouraging to any participant that runs by. if you look down sixth street you can see them all approaching--some shirtless, some smiling, some deep in concentration. it's very life-affirming, this stuff.

it's one of those overcast days where the clouds are grey but the sun is still strong behind them, resulting in a general atmosphere so bright you have to squint just to look at anything. strange to see so many healthy people on the streets on a day like this.

sopranos again last night. tony recovered from his gunshot to the stomach, to rhan's everlasting relief. vito is in hiding for being gay. johnny sacks was humiliated at his daugther's wedding, which made me cry like an idiot.