A CROSS SECTION OF INPUT, Monday, May 11, 2009

1. an article in monocle called FRESH MINSK, about the future of belarus. one of our best friends comes from belarus, has family there, and as such i have a vague, custodial sort of interest in its well-being (though i know next to nothing about it). life is difficult there, though minsk looks lovely in pictures.

2. driving to and from the volunteer gig listening to this still, because it sounds so good to me.

3. never saying "dealbreaker" again after last week's 30 rock.

4. have bought the last three consecutive issues of the new yorker, which is more than i have bought in the last two years total, even though full issues are now available for free online and have been for many months. this sort of needless spending, given our finances, encapsulates (1) the reason for our crappy finances in the first place, and (2) the way, perhaps, we should be behaving given the finances of the world right now: supporting the things we love with our money, where we can. i have no qualms.

5. great this american life rerun last week. first story about a traditional iranian marriage, its failure, and its ultimate reinvention as a traditional american marriage. fascinating and sweet. get it here.