can we see the future? no, no we cannot see the future.
are we brave? yes, yes, we are brave.
do you believe that life is a series of adventures? oh yes, yes it is.
you know, others may not see believe what you and i see and believe? yes, i know it.
we have to be fearless as fearless then as we are right now. yes, we are fearless.

it's the first of the month. a new month today.
a new series of days and so forth.
it was good that we did what we did on the first day of may.
it was a good idea, juliet! it was revolutionary! and we are so brave.

we both have today off. i wonder what we will do today. fun things for sure.
we have a couple of plans. but there is still some time where we will have to capture the moment.
it's our two year anniversary today.
two years brave.
two years fearless.