on the phone with my mom the other day, i realized that this year i turn 26 and she 62.

"we're inverses of one another!" i told her.

then i wondered if this had ever happened before, or would ever happen again; it has, and will. once when i was 15 and she was 51; again when i turn 37 and she 73. i've calculated pretty high after that--into my mother's nineties--and it seems pretty inconceivable that either of us will live long enough to see the next inversion come to pass. so i'm going to say that this is instance #2 of a finite (and likely meaningless) phenomenon in both of our lives, and that we should acknowledge it somehow.

also along this path, i realized that mine and my mother's ages always reduce down to the same number, from the time i turned 1 and through the rest of both our lives. this felt even more remarkable than the inversion discovery, until i realized that this applies to any child whose parent gave birth to him or her at an age that reduces down to 9. this might sound complicated, and moreover might be very tedious to read, but nonetheless it is not difficult math and is something you could do on your own the next time, say, you're trying to quit smoking and find yourself with thirty empty minutes of a lunch break that you suddenly don't know what to do with and you can't smoke and you're not hungry. yeah, you could think about this stuff then, since you can't have a goddamn cigarette.