we were riding in the car - i was in the back seat taking a nap - granddad was driving - at first it sounded like popcorn to me - then i felt the momentum and was thrown down to the floor - broken glass, breaking glass - glass with blood, wet and frozen - he somehow drove it, landing into a parking spot - a crowd came out, some covering their mouths - there was some shouting - i blacked out

she was annoyed that she had to ask for my social security card...again - that was the point, i never got one - somehow, the subject never came up in my life - i thought that i felt invisible and i guess maybe, i was - she led me under a bridge more like a tunnel - before we entered, she shouted out loud "hold your fire gentleman, we're coming through."

we were in a small office - there were 4 or 5 girls and there was me - it did not matter that i was there and that i was the only male - i was just there and i was paid no mind - i had some cheese crackers and a bottle of coca-cola - i fell asleep on the floor - i woke to the sound of a nose whistle that did not bother me - i felt soft and gentle and safe

video - thanks to westernbling, tombystone, postingoldtapes