-patti smith

we saw two great films this weekend with our remarkable friend. we hopped around from place to place under her enthusiastic guidance. i exercised today for the first time in many months.

yoga demands confusing and contrary exertions of different parts of your body at the same time. left hip pressed down toward the mat; inner thighs pull in towards the tummy. shake your head no and melt the heart. i think the intuition for these motions is learned over time.

on saturday i went back to the county museum to revisit the german exhibit, but it was way too crowded to navigate. i retreated into the permanent collection.

i felt profoundly COMFORTED seeing the richard serras again, and then MOVED! to realize that it is comfort above all things that forms the common thread between all the art i love the most.

-comfort in repetition;
-comfort in safety;
-comfort in slowness;
-comfort in quiet;
-comfort in enclosed spaces;
-comfort in order.

i'd like to make things that evoke comfort in the way i know comfort!

1. patti smith & robert mapplethorpe, 1969
2. hanne darboven, ein monat, 1974
3. on kawara, 1978