having just seen the marrying kind (dir. george cukor, 1952), featuring one aldo ray in his first starring role, i am thinking about voices. ray's voice was a shocking mismatch for his face, a gruff, husky gangster's voice more suited to a bigger man (though ray was thick and athletic, with the build of a boxer). i spent the first quarter of the film delighted just to hear him talk.

faces, like voices, can be fortunate or unfortunate, insofar as they indicate the nature of the person they belong to accurately or inaccurately. someone like barbara stanwyck proves to me that beauty can be intelligent, while having a face like, say, aaron eckhart's is a misfortune, assuming that he is in fact a likable, thoughtful man and not a total boob. i think he looks like a boob. but this, of course, is my prejudice.

i wonder what my voice will sound like in my twilight years. i wonder what my voice sounds like now. to my inner ear, it is a touch deep and caught in the throat, the words coming out of me uneasily and at a low volume. but again, my prejudice. it's the people i know who could say.

oh, and we're seeing this one tonight:

in its first official US release!