while making our bed yesterday, i had a sudden thought: money changed and money changes. a friend told me that he thought and still thinks of me as someone who understands money (i don’t). maybe it simply says more about his understanding than mine. i suppose that it is nice to be thought of as a responsible person (i’m not).

anyway that sudden thought was that money has changed in my life several times. i have been both a deep recluse and absolutely homeless - once i even owned a home.
i have completely walked away from several careers and their comparative salaries and relationships. there have always been consequences which accounts for some apparent changes in money.

the introduction of the debit card by banks is another example of money changing. it made everyone aware of the feel of a credit card and naturally coincided with the speed of our attention spans. time is money but time is not money and plastic. time is erased by plastic. and plastic feels so cool in my hands and yours too, evidently.

one of my uncles suggested that greed also changed money. he’s right but greed is one of those obvious concepts when talking about money (it's in the top ten on family feud). and i prefer words to have broad strokes of meaning rather than seeing them tied to specific definitions or everyday allusions.

money changes and money has changed.