what makes a person spend time being sad when they could be happy? i was in the far east and i was walking down a path and there was a big happy party going on, and actually they were burning a person to death. they were having a party and they were happy, singing and dancing.

i'm not saying you should be happy when a person dies, but just that it's curious to see cases that prove you don't have to be sad about it, depending on what you think it means, and what you think about what you think it means.

a person can cry or laugh. always when you're crying you could be laughing, you have the choice. crazy people know how to do this best because their minds are loose. so you can take the flexibility your mind is capable of and make it work for you. you decide what you want to do and how you want to spend your time. remember, though, that i think i'm missing some chemicals, so it's easier for me than for a person who has a lot of responsibility chemicals, but the same principle could be applied in a lot of instances.