so we just watched mayor of the sunset strip two nights ago, and who should we see last night at canter's but rodney bingenheimer himself, sitting at his own rodney bingenheimer booth, alone. we've seen him there a bunch of times, but it was especially poignant last night, having just seen that movie. his booth is situated right near the stairs to the bathrooms, so rhan and i both took the opportunity as we went upstairs to either nod at rodney (me) or introduce ourselves briefly to rodney (rhan). it was a good thing that he left when he did, because staring over at him sitting alone in the booth on a hoppin' saturday night was making rhan unbearably sad.

mayor of the sunset strip is a really sad film. also, it's uniquely disorienting to see somebody on the screen and then to almost immediately see them in real life; it made me feel really weird. i sincerely hope that rodney is happy. i'd like to imagine he went home last night and put a good record on, maybe watched something funny on tv, and fell asleep.