i've installed a tv/dvd player on my desk next to the computer, so now i can have two sets of images running really close to me at all times. this has long been a dream of mine, and if i could have two or three more monitors on or near my desk i would do it, keeping them all on and running at once. i put a woman under the influence on the tv yesterday while i searched the internet, this time remembering how good the music is in that movie. cleo from 5 to 7 came next, which rekindled an absolute love for agnes varda--and then i discovered this amazing film, which just put me over the top, playing cleo and reponse de femmes at once, right next to each other.

as we speak, there are thousands of people in this world making exquisitely beautiful things. it was one of those weekends where that fact presented itself to me over and over again. certain scenes in mister lonely, which are among some of the most beautiful things i have ever seen on film, the fact of samantha morton and everything she does, the way agnes varda captures images and light, the idea that there are two stunning richard serra pieces within walking distance from our apartment, an upcoming collaboration with my best friend...it just goes on and on. rhan said i had a glow last night. it was a really good weekend.

10 december 1975: on kawara reminds us that he is still alive.
12 may 2008: me too, world! me too!